Psalm 124

God Delivers Me from My Enemies

            8 Our help is in the name of the LORD,

            Who made heaven and earth.

·         We cannot too often remember that none but God can save us from sins, or foes, or perils.

·         Christian men suffer their vindictive passions for a while to overcome their principles, an occasion for repentance and regret, and an injury to the cause of religion.

·         The world thinks it a fine thing to spread snares for the feet of the righteous; but the weapons of the church’s warfare are not carnal. God’s cause needs not the help of man’s strategies.

·         It is a shame to us that we so soon and so easily forget the deliverance wrought for us, yea, and the very perils from which we have been saved.

·         The help of all the righteous is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.