Psalm 125

God Surrounds and Preserves Me

            4 Do good, O LORD, to those who are good

            And to those who are upright in their hearts.

·         “It is much easier to learn than to believe that we who have by us the word of God and receive it, are surrounded with divine aid.” (Luther)

·         “All that deal with God must deal upon trust, and he will give comfort to those only who give credit to him, and make it to appear they do so, by quitting other confidences and venturing to the utmost for God.” (Henry)

·         Let us not be cast down at conflicts in the spirit. The warfare with corruption in the heart shall not last always. No man ever perished who lived and died fighting against sin. Fight on, Christian hero. The victory shall be thine at last. Satan shall not always oppress thy spirit. By and by the Master will say, Come up higher, and the days of thy mourning shall be ended.

·         But to his own people God gives pardon, acceptance, adoption, renewal, strength, wisdom, increase of grace, eternal life and blessings.

·         “The end of the poor flock of God, even though the church be proved and tried by a thousand fires and deaths, though it appear a thousand times over to be oppressed, destroyed and extirpated, is—eternal life, eternal consolation, eternal glory!” (Luther)

·         They have a great dread of sin. Their fear of apostasy is a great means of preservation from it.

·         It should greatly alarm the wicked to remember that the certainty of the happiness of the saints depends upon the certainty of the overthrow of sinners.