Psalm 123

I Lift My Eyes to the God Who Rules the Universe

            1 To You I lift up my eyes,

            O You who are enthroned in the heavens!

·         He who permits our distresses to come upon us, can take them away, or sustain us under them, and bring good out of them.

·         Let us not forget that we are servants of God, and not our own masters. Our business is to please him, not ourselves; to serve him, not ourselves; to do his will, not our own; to rely on his protection, not on an arm of flesh.

·         It is the bane of our lives that we so easily let go our hold on God and on his promises.

·         Let us be specially watchful against carnal security and arrogance. No tempers are more hostile to the true Christian spirit, and there is a consanguinity between these sins, indeed between all the vices of the heart.