May Update

The gym is nearly enclosed and the inner block walls are nearly finished. The retaining wall is now visible, and curbs now outline the future parking on the west side. One of the most devastating hail storms in years took place Monday. While some of the existing structures sustained damage, it appears that none of the new construction sustained any damage. For that we are thankful.

Continued Progress

Sunday Night the church was brought up to date on the building program. The shell of the gym is almost finished, the Bradford Chapel looks like a building now, and the main electrical is all hooked up. The next step is to close in the gym and the retaining wall.

In the next couple of weeks, the church will begin the final fundraising initiative for the building program. Details will be presented Sunday night. Below are the latest pictures of the progress on the site.

Bradford Chapel Taking Shape

Over the past month the Bradford Chapel has taken shape. The structure is in place and is now being enclosed. The concrete has all been poured and the construction is moving right along. On the gym front much has advanced as well. All the below ground work is now finished and the concrete slab will be poured as soon as weather allows. Excitement continues to grow as more visible elements come into place. Please continue to pray for the safety of the workers and the final fincances to come in. 

Beginning the New Year

What has happened so far

1. main structural for chapel is erected.

2. started setting bar joists. Then we begin welding and detailing.

3. electrical sub-terrain conduit has been installed in the building pads as well as the new parking lot light poles.

4. all associated inspections have passed.

5. balance of concrete for columns and tie beams in the gym placed.

6. plumber has been advised that they can beginning underground.

7. most of the bank has been cut back to accommodate the retaining wall

8. most of the road base has been installed for the parking lot and driveway. once steel has erected and we get the equipment moved, we can then finish the road base.

10. all erosion control measures have been completed

Christmas Update

With Christmas this weekend, the weather decided to oblige and provide a foot of snow on the work site this week. However, the construction crews anticipated the weather and made preparations which allowed them to continue with little slowdown. However, the weather did provide for a few exciting incidents (such as a cement truck getting stuck in the snow). By the end of the week, the concrete company made steady advances in pouring for the chapel and gym. Please continue to pray that the weather will cooperate with the construction schedule and that the workers will stay safe as they work. Have a merry Christmas and remember why we celebrate.


Although frigid temperatures and snow descended on the work site, the building project saw much progress over the past several weeks. The concrete company poured the footers for both the new chapel and the gym. They also began work forming out and pouring the foundations of both buildings. More steel arrived on site as the project continues to move forward.

Many recognized the parking shortage the project temporarily created. In order to help alleviate this problem, new striping for the parking lot was ordered. Parking spaces are now in two different colors. Pleas utilize the yellow parking spaces throughout the week and refrain from parking in the white spaces in order to accommodate traffic flow. On Sundays and Wednesday Nights, please make use of all spaces. The re striping also added numerous spots to the lot. 


Trench Time

The past month saw much accomplished on the work site. The retention pond is now complete and awaits spring grass. The drainage system piping drainage water from the new buildings to the retention pond has also been completed. A look around the work site reveals that the steel has also been delivered. The pouring of the west curb for the west parking lot also reveals a little of what is to come. The west retaining wall will also be installed shortly. However, the two most obvious items of change reside in the work done for the new chapel and gym. This week the footings for both were trenched out. Once the ground sample reveal the ground is ready, the footings will be poured. The final exciting accomplishment is the installation of the south door for the old gym and a new side walk running between building 4 and the old gym. Please continue to pray as the work is ongoing.


The past several weeks featured much happening below ground. Water and drainage pipes are being installed throughout the new area. Each of the drainage pipes leads to the now almost completed retention pond. Steel for the new gym has also been delivered and awaits the future stage of installation.

Change is coming

Change around the property happens on a daily basis.Safety fencing now surrounds the "ball field," a new look to the entrance once again emerged, and groundwork between the current gym and building four increased. These changes occurred along side less noticeable changes in areas already affected. Work below ground started in the retention pond and on the west side of the property with trenching and piping. 

Two major items of note must be made. First, the entrance remains a two lane entrance, please use caution as you enter the property. Second, while use of the current gym continues, individuals may only enter via the south east door.


Work on the grounds continues. The retention pond is clearly taking shape, and the west side of the property continues to be excavated. The major item for the past week is the change in the church entrance. When you enter the church property, please note that the entrance has three lanes delineated by cones. The far west lane is for exiting the parking lot only, the center lane is for entering the parking lot only, and the far east lane is for construction trucks only. Please be careful entering and exiting the parking lot.

The Walls Came Tumbling Down

The past two weeks represented weeks of eventfulness and change. Any view of the church property now reveals that construction is taking place. The retention pond on the south east corner of the property has been excavated. Tons of dirt departed on dump trucks throughout the past week. However, perhaps the most bittersweet event that took place was the demolition of the Bradford chapel. The event was bitter due to the many memories the building contained: Weddings, funerals, anniversary parties, special services, and school chapels. But the event was sweet as it represented a distinct move forward towards the construction of the new gym and new Bradford Chapel where many more memories, events, and life altering decisions will be made. All in all it has been a very exciting couple of weeks here at Beth Eden.

A week of Excavation

Our construction crew excavated in earnest this week preparing the west side of the property for the parking lot and new buildings. They are removing a large layer of topsoil from one end of the property and moving it to the other in order to even out the topography of the property. A lot still needs to be done in this area, but it is exciting to see visible work happening. When you come, you will see the work being accomplished on the west side of the property and a large pile of topsoil on the ball field waiting to be deposited in low areas on the property.

Work is beginning!

Pre-Demolition work starts!

Already the property bears the marks that something is happening. Workers erected construction fences and felled trees in preparation for demolition to begin. The west entrance (Wadsworth entrance) is now closed for the demolition of the Bradford Chapel with plans that the Bradford Chapel will come down in the next two weeks. We erected a construction wall to allow continued access to the old gymnasium during construction. Meanwhile, early demolition work started in the entryway to the Bradford Chapel. 

The east entrance off of 26th ave. will close in the next couple of days as crews begin demolition of the south-east corner of the parking lot for the new retention pond. Events will occur quickly over the next several months, and we will try to keep you abreast of the events through this blog.