Psalm 32

32       Lamentation / Wisdom / Thanksgiving (individual)

            God Forgives When I Truly Confess

            1 How blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven,

            Whose sin is covered!

·         Sins never grow out of date. There is no statute of limitation for crimes either at God’s bar, or at the bar of conscience.

·         Blessedness does not begin till pardon is received.

·         It is [God’s] glory and delight to forgive transgressions, cover sin, and not impute iniquity.

·         Justification and sanctification are distinguishable but not separable.

·         Sin is a dreadful entanglement.

·         All godly confession of sin is full, ingenuous, humble, penitent.

·         God is more ready to forgive sin than we are to forsake it, or confess it.

·         Whether God or his servants invite us to be instructed, we should attend unto the things which are spoken for our learning.

·         “If we do not consent to serve God willingly, we must serve him in the long run whether we will or not. He, who runs away from God’s willing service, falls into his compulsory service. On this account the wise Stoic prayed, ‘Lead me, O God, the way which thou hast chosen: and if I will not, nothing is better than that I be compelled.’ Recourse is not had to bit and bridle, unless we will not become wise by gentler means. God employs these for the purpose of delivering us from destroying ourselves.” (Berleberg Bible)

·         [E]ven in times of bereavement and tribulation, [God’s servants] have good cause of exultation. Mercy compasses them about.