Psalm 33

33       Praise

            Wait for the Lord

            20 Our soul waits for the LORD;

            He is our help and our shield.

            21 For our heart rejoices in Him,

            Because we trust in His holy name.

·         In all earthly affairs change is the order of things. The winds, the tides, the seasons, the face of nature, and even friends change, but in all our calculations we may rely on the immutable holiness, justice and goodness of God.

·         Long, long ago the enemy hoped to make a full end of the worship and service of God on earth; but he has failed, and shall ever fail.

·         No man ever acts with true wisdom till he fears God, and hopes in his mercy.

·         The cry for mercy ever becomes us, till we get our crown. It is never out of place. Even in closing a triumphant song it is proper.