Psalm 27

Lamentation (persecuted and accused) / Trust (individual)

God Is My Light and My Salvation

                1 The LORD is my light and my salvation;

                Whom shall I fear?

                The LORD is the defense of my life;

                Whom shall I dread?

·         Were our faith as strong as it should be, nothing could fill us with dismay or terror. Because God changes not, the state of his people is never desperate.

·         Surely those, who hope to spend their eternity in the praises of God, ought to get their harps in tune to his service before they leave this world.

·         Those, who exercise the grace they have, shall have more grace.


·         “Albeit the Lord let the trouble lie on, and strong temptations to increase, and grief of heart to grow, yet must we still wait: for at the due time the outgate shall come.” (Dickson)