Psalm 28

Lamentation / Praise

Help Me, God

                1 To You, O LORD, I call;

                My rock, do not be deaf to me,

                For if You are silent to me,

                I will become like those who go down to the pit.

·         Whoever leaves his prayer, as the ostrich leaves her egg in the sand, and cares no more for it, does not pray at all.

·         It is no hindrance, but a help to have a sense of utter personal helplessness.

·         However sad the case and dark the mind of the genuine believer may at any time be, better days are coming. “The scene of sorrow and persecution shall be exchanged for the bright shining of a day alike cloudless and serene. The wailings of penitence shall be succeeded by the sweet consciousness of forgiving mercy; the sorrowing of affliction shall usher in a long day of joy and prosperity; and the cry of oppressed innocence shall bring down upon some guilty head the ministers of divine wrath.” (Morison)

·         “Those and those only, whom God feeds and rules, who are willing to be taught, and guided, and governed by him, shall be saved, and blessed, and lifted up forever.”