Psalm 7

Lamentation (persecuted and accused) / Imprecatory

My Refuge Is in God Alone

                1 O Lord my God, in You I have taken refuge;

                Save me from all those who pursue me, and deliver me,

                2 Or he will tear my soul like a lion,

                Dragging me away, while there is none to deliver.

·         David does not boast of a confidence which he constantly entertained in his afflictions. And this is a genuine and undoubted proof of our faith, when, being visited with adversity, we yet persevere in cherishing and exercising hope in God.

·         The heart of a regenerate man is the best part about him. He is not deceitful. He intends and aims to do better than he does.

·         It is right to turn every event of life into an occasion of devotion.

·         “The gate of mercy is shut against our prayers if the key of faith do not open it for us.” (Calvin)

·         Let us chiefly pray for those things God commands us to ask for. In other things, let us always confess that we know not what is best, and ask God to choose for us.

·         In the darkest hours it is well to praise God.

·         We should praise him for our keenest afflictions.