Psalm 5

Lamentation (persecuted and accused)

Look to God in the Morning

                3 In the morning, O LORD, You will hear my voice;

                In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch.

·         Every well spent day must by begun with God. It is right he should have our first and best thoughts.

·         “The morning is a proper time for prayer, both to return thanks for refreshing sleep and rest, for preservation from dangers by fire, by thieves and murderers, and for renewed mercies in the morning; as also to pray for God to keep from evil and dangers the day following; to give daily food, and to succeed in business and the employments of life; and for a continuation of every mercy, temporal and spiritual.” (Gill)

·         Is there a thriving Christian on earth, who gives his earliest thoughts to the world and only later ones to God?

·         The only hope of sinners is in mercy; nor will a little answer their purpose. They need a great deal.

·         Inscrutable points of doctrine, mysterious providences, and insoluble questions in casuistry are often occasions of terrible temptations.

·         What a model of tenderness and earnestness in intercession for others we have in Abraham. Nor can any circumstances of personal affliction or distress excuse us from praying for all God’s saints as we learn from the example of David recorded here and elsewhere.

·         The whole Psalm shows that never in this life shall we get beyond the means of grace. Nor is it best we should. . . . Let us follow Christ, and know the fellowship of his sufferings.