Psalm 68


            Rejoice and Sing Praise to God!

            3 But let the righteous be glad; let them exult before God;

            Yes, let them rejoice with gladness.

·         As it is a privilege, so it is a duty to be glad, to rejoice, yea, exceedingly to rejoice. He, who knows and loves and receives little, may rejoice little. But surely he, who has experienced the saving grace of God, ought not to be tame and torpid in his exultations. If we duly rejoiced in God, we should not so often seek a portion here below. When the heart is full of joy in God, the trifles and vanities of time lose their enchantments.

·         The depth from which, and the height to which God raises those on whom he sets his love, must both be brought into the estimate, if we would judge aright of the divine mercy.

·         Not in our wit or wisdom, not in our experience or ability, not in great captains nor heavy battalions, not in the patronage of kings and governments, not in funds or estates, but in the Lord Jehovah is all our hope and all our salvation.

·         Let us never forget that God is exalted. Nothing more infallibly marks worship as base than lack of profound reverence for the divine majesty.