Where It All Began

Beth Eden Baptist Church has a long and rich history in the Denver area. From the Highlands neighborhood where it began to its current place on the corner of 26th and Wadsworth, Beth Eden has long been marked by conservative doctrine, pastoral care, and a passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Where Did It Go

Beth Eden Baptist Church was founded in 1893 and almost immediately made its impact felt throughout western Denver. Through work in the Highlands and Berkley neighborhoods, Beth Eden influenced young people through youth societies, the disadvantaged through a mission, and all peoples through the preaching of the Gospel.

Beth Eden dedicated a new building in 1930 on Lowell Blvd just north of 32nd Ave. That church building still stands today and is registered as a Historic Landmark with the City and County of Denver. For nearly 80 years the congregation of Beth Eden ministered from that location.

In 1936, the first of three long-tenured pastors, Dr. Sam Bradford, was called to lead the church. Under Dr. Bradford, Beth Eden planted two other Highlands-area churches. In 1944, Dr. Bradford purchased Institute Park from Denver Bible Institute (now CCU) and renamed it Camp Eden. Camp Eden, located in Coal Creek Canyon,  still operates as part of the ministry of Beth Eden Baptist Church.

Dr. Earle Matteson assumed the pastorate in 1960. Under his leadership Beth Eden Baptist Church moved to its present location. Dr. Matteson oversaw the founding of Beth Eden Baptist School, which still serves the Denver area by providing quality education in a caring, Christian atmosphere.

Where We Are Now

In 1991, Dr. Jim Efaw moved from West Virginia to become the Senior Pastor.  He brought with him a passion for missions that has driven Beth Eden’s desire to share the Gospel, both globally and locally. Dr. Efaw's 24 years of ministry continued the long tradition of conservative doctrine, pastoral care, and passion for the Gospel that has marked Beth Eden's 100+ years of existence.

In August 2015, Pastor Efaw announced his resignation. Beth Eden Baptist Church immediately began a search that ended where it started - within our congregation. In October 2015, Jason Pilchard, one of the assistant pastors, was called to be the Senior Pastor.