An Interview with Divena

How has your faith changed your life?

My faith in Jesus Christ became the center of my life in my twenties. As I trusted Christ with the direction of my life, He brought joy and peace to my life - such a chance from turmoil and distress I experienced when I was trying to run the show. Life isn't without trials or difficulties, but trusting the Lord has helped my vision to broaden past myself. As I've grown in my faith, so has my vision of those around me. God is helping me to see people as He sees them.

What brought you to Beth Eden Baptist Church?

I had recently returned to the States after living in China for three years. I was looking for a good church because that was one of the many reasons that I had returned home.  I had tried a couple of other churches, but they were missing something. As soon as I walked into Beth Eden, I knew what those other churches had been missing; they didn't feel like home. Beth Eden felt like home, and I've been here ever since.

What do you appreciate most about the ministry of Beth Eden Baptist Church?

At the top of the list is the preaching. I am so thankful for the Gospel-centered expository preaching that comes from the pulpit at Beth Eden. I am also thankful for the "family" atmosphere. People really love each other, and that is very evident when someone is experiencing a difficult time. We all rally around one another to help in any way we can.

What areas of ministry are you currently involved in, both within the church and outside it?

At Beth Eden, I am involved in the choir, and I have also volunteered at Vacation Bible School for the past few years.  Outside of Beth Eden, I attend a large national, in-depth Bible study.  I've also recently been approved to be a mentor with a local homeless shelter and am awaiting my first mentee.