An Interview With Cal and Tina

How did you come to saving faith in Christ?

Cal: I grew up in a religion that taught you earned heaven by doing good deeds. Rules that didn’t make sense and feelings of unworthiness caused me to turn my back on that religion. I was concerned about where I would go when I died, but I didn’t fear death. I just wanted to know what was after this life.  Eventually, I concluded you couldn’t know, so I lived for the moment. 

After years of concern I asked God to tell me who He is and what He wanted from me. I met a lady who shared the gospel with me. Eventually I went to church with her and heard the Bible taught. The Gospel began to make sense. I set out to prove the Bible wrong, but instead I came to believe I needed Jesus Christ.

Tina: I had a praying Grandmother; she knew I grew up in the house of lies. My parents were not married, and my dad had another family. My parents were alcoholics and gave no thought to raising children, we were a hindrance to their lives. Since I was the oldest of the children, we rarely had a babysitter. I could watched my little sister and brother. I rarely had opportunity for a child’s life. I felt worthless.

When we moved west, I became a Mormon for a short while. I grew up in a house of lies only to attend a church of lies. When my grandmother came to visit from Virginia she began to tell me about Jesus. I never forgot her teachings. But they didn’t sink in until I was a mother. I never wanted my children to be a worthless or deceived as I was. Deciding what to teach my children brought me to the Lord. I gave my life to Christ when my baby was a year old. Since then, I have grown to know that I have value. God created me in His image. I am the daughter of the King of Kings. I am not alone! I have my best friend with me all the time.

What do you appreciate most about the ministry of Beth Eden Baptist Church?

Cal: The preaching and the people. You have to be under solid Bible teaching so you can learn and grow. You also need to be in a church family that is family. Beth Eden has both.

What areas of ministry are you currently involved in, both within the church and outside it?

Cal: I am an Adult Bible Study Class leader and am on two committees at church. Outside of church, I teach a weekly Bible study in a local County Jail.

Tina: I serve as a deaconess, on a committee, and in the nursery. At work, there is always a need for prayer. I have found a prayer partner there, we are witnessing to a lady there. God WILL use you wherever you are, just ask.