Psalm 130

God’s Lovingkindness and Redemption are My Hope

            7 O Israel, hope in the LORD;

            For with the LORD there is lovingkindness,

            And with Him is abundant redemption.

·         “Albeit the throne of God be most high, yet he delighteth to hear the petitions of hearts that are most low;” (Smyth)

·         God is not angry with us for being in great trouble about our iniquities.

·         “God exerts forgiveness for the very purpose of kindling the fear of God in a more vivid and powerful manner.”

·         “We never feel Christ to be a reality till we feel him to be a necessity.”

·         “The Lord Jehovah is the only hope for distressed souls.” (Owen)

·         A saving participation of grace and forgiveness leaves a deep impression of its fullness and excellency on the soul of a sinner.”