Psalm 99

99       Praise / Royal (heavenly King)

            God Is Holy

            5 Exalt the LORD our God

            And worship at His footstool;

            Holy is He.

            8 O LORD our God, You answered them;

            You were a forgiving God to them,

            And yet an avenger of their evil deeds.

·         However surrounded and beset by foes human and Satanic, let us fear God and nothing else.

·         And the more God’s holiness appears, the more vile and abominable must sin appear to be; and the more dreadful our ruin, the more glorious and amazing is salvation by Christ—a salvation which in nothing impinges upon justice or holiness.

·         Preaching Christ’s gospel and praying are the two greatest things done in this world.

·         It is a fair test of all worship and doctrine, if we can ascertain whether it exalts God. Whatever puts up the creature and human inventions is false and foolish. Whatever puts Jehovah on the throne, and makes him Lawgiver, King, Judge, Redeemer and All, is right.