Psalm 97

97       Praise / Royal (heavenly King)

            Rejoice in the God that Reigns above All

            1 The LORD reigns, let the earth rejoice;

            Let the many islands be glad.

            12 Be glad in the LORD, you righteous ones,

            And give thanks to His holy name.

·         Let not the saints, therefore, undertake to avenge their own wrongs, nor effect their own victories; but quietly leave all in the hands of him, who reigns forever. Let them wait patiently for the Lord.

·         But let us not forget that all piety not based in integrity and an upright heart falls short of the divine requirement, and must end in shame. God cares not for names, or forms, or appearances, if our hearts are not with him. The feet may not be swift to shed blood, the hands may refuse a bribe, the tongue may be as smooth as butter; but if the heart is wrong, all is wrong.

·         Let Christ’s people learn greatly to love, and thank, and praise their Lord and Redeemer, especially for his holiness; the remembrance of which makes all heaven glad. Nothing in his character would be adorable, were it not for the infinite rectitude of his nature.