Psalm 116

116     Thanksgiving (individual)

            Praise the God of My Salvation

            13 I shall lift up the cup of salvation

            And call upon the name of the LORD.

·         If God’s children are brought into straits and made to suffer sharply, such trials cannot be unprofitable to them so long as they lead them to a throne of grace, and in the end serve to quicken their attachment to him and his cause.

·         Among all the afflictions to which we are subject, soul troubles are the worst. Terrors in the soul are worse than any bodily pains. Still even these are useful if they lead us “with holy vehemence to the throne of Jehovah’s mercy.”

·         “To wait calmly and silently for those indications of God’s favor which he conceals from us is the undoubted evidence of faith.” No man enters into rest except by faith.

·         All God’s mercies ought to lead us not only to hope in him for all coming time, but to form pious resolutions, from which we will not swerve. It is right that we should bind ourselves by solemn engagements to be the Lord’s his only and his forever.

·         We should avoid anything like the temper of a sordid bargaining with the Almighty. But we may strengthen our hearts many a time by a fit vow to the Lord.

·         Whatever our trials, and however sharp our conflicts, let us seek to come out of them all with a hallelujah on our lips.