Psalm 112

112     Wisdom

            It Is Wisdom to Fear and Obey the Lord

            1 Praise the LORD!

            How blessed is the man who fears the LORD,

            Who greatly delights in His commandments.

·         “Ill-nature and avarice are their own tormentors; but love and liberality do good to themselves by doing it to others, and enjoy all the happiness which they cause.” (Horne)

·         “Grace and godliness, sound and fruitful faith, do not make men fools without discretion, but consist well with prudence and foresight, in ordering their affairs wisely, and teach them to give, when, what, and to whom they should give, as the circumstances of time, place, and person, need of the party, and their own ability require.” (Dickson)

·         Whatever may befall the children of God, their final salvation is certain. That is enough and more than enough eternally to overbalance any evils, trials, or disadvantages to which they may be subject in time.