Psalm 62

Lamentation (trust) / Trust (individual)

            Patiently Wait for God

            1 My soul waits in silence for God only;

            From Him is my salvation.

            2 He only is my rock and my salvation,

            My stronghold; I shall not be greatly shaken.

·         Silence, unmurmuring submission to the divine will, and patient waiting on God are better than all the pragmatical efforts of any man to help himself.

·         If God is for us, we shall not be greatly moved. Nay, we shall not be moved at all, in any way that will do us real damage. “As a man resolveth to believe and follow the course of sound faith, so he may assure himself of establishment and victory over all temptations, notwithstanding his own weakness.” (Dickson)

·         It is a great comfort that God is our only hope, and trust, and expectation. When we find him, we need seek no further. He is all-sufficient. The more he is tried, the more he is found to be the very friend we need.

·         There is no substitute for godly sincerity.

·         “To induce a soul to trust in God only, it is necessary that it so look to his power, as it looks to his mercy, and lay hold on both.” (Dickson)