Psalm 48

48       Royal (heavenly King) / (Korah)

            God Is Great, and to be Praise Greatly

            1 Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised,

            In the city of our God, His holy mountain.

·         Great thoughts of God are very becoming, because they are just and true. They are very important to give us right views of our sinfulness and weakness and to elevate our conceptions in all our attempts to worship him.

·         Christ’s kingly authority is never to be forgotten or slighted. He is a “Great King.” Blessed are all they, who bow to his scepter. But woe to him that rebels.

·         In his nature and in his works and ways God is always equal to the best reports we have heard of him. He always acts like himself. He never denies himself. . . . We need never fear that God will act out of character.

·         We cannot in any song or service dismiss the idea of God’s infinite justice. His right hand is full of righteousness. Compare Job 37:23. The divine clemency is worthy to be eternally celebrated, yet no more so than the awful rectitude of the divine character, which is the sure foundation of settled comfort in the church.