Psalm 44

44       Lamentation (community) / (Korah)

            O God, Save Us for the Sake of Your Lovingkindness!

            26 Rise up, be our help,

            And redeem us for the sake of Your lovingkindness.

·         We are weak as water; and commonly God lets us see and feel our impotence before he sends relief. At least “faith knows that the strength of man is not his, but God’s.”

·         “Trouble maketh faith thirst, and teacheth the believer to make use of his right and interest.” (Dickson)

·         Means must be used but not relied on. Not to use them is to despise God’s ordinance; but to trust in them is to despise God himself. Man must sow and water; God gives the increase. Man is to bend his bow and sharpen his sword in the day of battle, and use both with his utmost skill; and then trust God as if he were unarmed.

·         All the vessels of mercy need scouring.