Psalm 38

38       Lamentation (individual-sick)

            Do Not Forsake Me, O God, for I Trust in You!

            15 For I hope in You, O LORD;

You will answer, O Lord my God.

21 Do not forsake me, O LORD;

O my God, do not be far from me!

22 Make haste to help me,

O Lord, my salvation!

·         “It is consistent with God’s fatherly love, and our sonship, to taste of fatherly wrath against our sins.” (Dickson)

·         God’s hot displeasure is terrible. Whoever has felt it will wish never to feel it again. One drop of the divine anger falling into the conscience of man makes him turn pale and tremble and die away.

·         In many things our estimates are extravagant; but we never over-estimate the evil of sin.

·         “[I]t is not wrestling with trouble within ourselves, nor venting our grief as natural men, which can give us ease, but pouring out our heart before the Lord, which must do it.”

·          “Experience confirms it, that if we have to deal with any crafty and embittered foes, resigned suffering is more likely to benefit than a zealous apprehension of our good cause.” (Tholuck)

·         “We must not limit the Lord to give us comfort and deliverance when we think we have greatest need of it, but must leave our prayer at his feet.” (Dickson)