Psalm 25


My Salvation Is In God

                5 Lead me in Your truth and teach me,

                For You are the God of my salvation;

                For You I wait all the day.

·         [T]hey that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength.

·         One of the greatest trials is perplexity. Commonly Satan has a great advantage over us when he can make us seriously doubt respecting truth or duty. Clearness of mind is a great blessing. God alone can give it.

·         Perseverance in duty is the only infallible mark to ourselves and the world that we are born of God.

·         “Though the course of kindness and mercy seem to be interrupted by affliction and temporal desertion, and to be forgotten on God’s part; yet faith must make use of experiences, and read them over unto God out of the register of a sanctified memory.” (Dickson)

·         Afflictions often possess remarkable power to remind us of our sins.

·         Anything is good for us, if it humbles us and leads us to the mercy seat.

·         True meekness not only tames the ferocity, but it checks the impetuosity of men. It is essential to true piety. It would not be a miracle, but a contradiction for God to guide the proud, the self-conceited, into all truth. If any would learn he must be docile.

·         No ceremonies, professions, raptures or revelations did ever, can ever take the place of sincere, hearty, unquestioning obedience to all God’s known will.

·         None can look too steadfastly and confidingly to God. We never honor him more, nor please him better than when in trouble and darkness we still trust him and believe that he will do all things well.

·         We may not complain of God, but we may complain to God. With submission to his holy will we may earnestly cry for help and deliverance.