Psalm 12

Lamentation / Imprecatory / Wisdom

God Preserves the Spiritually Poor and Needy

                7 You, O LORD, will keep them;

                You will preserve him from this generation forever.

·         Wherever sin is dominant, it is sure to manifest itself in vanity, falsehood, flatter and deceit. In other words as society forsakes God, it becomes hollow; hollowness requires deception to disguise its baseness; and so instead of hearty good wishes we hear idle compliments; instead of serious profitable discourse we have froth and vanity.

·         Blood and tears both have voices. They cry louder and are heard father than thunder. They travel even to the throne of God, though shed in some secret place on earth.

·         [W]hat Christians need is not less trial, or lighter affliction, but stronger and simpler faith.